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Welcome Aboard!

Thank you for choosing Starry Eyes as your creative agency! We enjoy meeting new thinkers, crafters, change-makers, and entrepreneurs. For us, it’s fun getting to learn about new industries and business processes.

Speaking of processes, we actively try to create an exciting experience for our clients who have entrusted us with their projects. Before working with our team, many of our clients had never worked with an advertising or creative agency. New experiences can be fun, but you might be wondering how everything will work and how we will take your project from concept to reality. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, which outlines what you should expect, how to navigate our Account Portal, and what we’ll need from you in order to stay on schedule and yield the most stellar of results.

Accessing Your Account

The Account Portal is an important part of your project. It allows you to see where we are in your project completion, access invoices, submit support tickets, and more. Each time we update you on your project or support ticket, you’ll receive an email notification that you can use to navigate to your dashboard in the Account Portal quickly. Simple! We recommend adding to your address book. This will prevent any messages from sneaking into your spam box, causing you to miss important updates. In the knowledge base, we’ve broken up the details on using your client account to its full potential. This is how we will be contacting you throughout your project, so get familiar with logging in and navigating the interface. If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, try using this opportunity to submit a support ticket in your account dashboard.

How To Login & Navigate

This article will teach you how to log into your client dashboard, and how to use the navigation. You can find your username and password set up in the email sent your the address we have on file.

Viewing Your Projects

This article will go over how to access the projects we’re working on together. Learn how to track progress, comment, send files, and more.

Paying & Reviewing Invoices

This article provides step by step directions about how to pay for your projects, review paid or cancelled invoices, and more. 

Knowledge Base & Support

This article reviews how to use the knowledge base to find answers to common questions, such as “how to make a blog post.” You will also find information on submitting a support ticket through your account.

Your Role

Welcome to the Team! Don’t worry, we won’t work you too hard; we only need you to take part in helping with a few things, such as sending us information, files, and feedback. Nothing major, but since your role is essential in us being able to begin and finish your project, we need you to budget some of your time to be available for prompt responses. The primary reason we’re unable to complete a project on time relates to a client dropping off the face of the earth when we need them.
You’re officially a team member on this project; without your input, knowledge, and help, we won’t succeed. That’s why we’ve put together these pages to help us work together.

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Let’s Get Started

Read About Our Process

It’s important that you understand our project process so you can give us the best feedback possible and get the best result. Click here to learn more about the way this works, what to expect, and how we will work together, now and in the future.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few quick links to help you out!

Let’s Get Started

Not sure where to start? Here are a few quick links to help you out!