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Small Beginnings: Our Story

Written By: Brandon Gilbert

Starry Eyes is a branding and creative agency nestled within the wild mountains of the Appalachians. Over the past five years, we have grown into a diverse team that features a variety of individuals from various walks of life. The collective result is a mixture of viewpoints, perspectives, styles, and strengths that give us a unique edge in delivering bold and daring branding and creative services. We’ve worked with a variety of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as nonprofits and state agencies such as the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture & History.

As much as you might expect or even want a charming story about how our agency got its start, let’s not romanticize it. Starry Eyes began as a two-person venture, a partnership created out of necessity and the need to subsist in a struggling economy and impoverished region.

Cecelia and I lived in an old coal camp house built in the late 1800s. It was dilapidated, drafty, and beginning to fall apart, but the rent was free. There was no startup capital for Starry Eyes, aside from the $100 we scraped together to get our business license. Aside from our tenacity, we only had our creative skills and two MacBooks. In the face of adversity, we knew we could create better promotional tools for local businesses and market our skills. We had no idea how to run a business, let alone a creative agency that serves the needs of other businesses. Our foundation and lifeline quickly became our affinity for completing projects in a timely manner and our focus on clean, attractive design-work.

I’ll always be convinced that our commitment to quality and our craft sustained us because we quickly began making a name for ourselves and procuring contracts. We kept our bills paid and our clients happy. We obsessed over how we could refine our processes and better fulfill the services we offered. We swam, albeit against the current, and two years later we opened our first public studio and office space.

Since then, we have been growing our team, improving our approach, and further developing our perspective on our place within our microcosm. We don’t want to just exist as a profitable company, we want to make a difference. We believe in progressive change, and each step forward in growing our agency is an opportunity to take an active role in providing a better future for our team members, community, and world. If you would like to take part in our journey and let us help you with yours, please reach out to us today.

Small Beginnings: Our Story

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Announcement

Brandon is the Creative Director at Starry Eyes. A touring musician until a few years ago, he once shared stages with the likes of Saving Abel, Puddle of Mudd, Orgy, Molly Hatchet, and Hoobastank. Under the pseudonym "Ryland Parrish," Brandon is a featured artist at Spector Bass. When Brandon isn't designing or laying thick bass lines, he's expanding his knowledge of cosmology, geology, and paleontology and daydreaming about nature.