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5 Reasons Your Facebook Page Isn’t Growing

Written By: Brandon Gilbert

It’s understandably frustrating to log into your Facebook account and see hardly any notifications. If you’re managing your company’s Facebook page, growth is everything. Learning a few tips will help ensure that the popularity of your pages begins to skyrocket. With that in mind, here are five reasons your Facebook page isn’t growing.

Management of your Facebook Page

One of the most important ways to grow your Facebook page is by creating and posting engaging content. Unfortunately, many Facebook users trying to improve their pages end up posting poor content or none at all. People visit Facebook pages to read posts, view photos, and watch videos. Therefore, you need to post content that your visitors want to see on a regular basis. It’s understandable to feel confused at which type of material to choose. Mix it up and see how your audience responds. Many companies find that mixing up content helps to avoid repetitiveness including polls, pictures, videos, and links. You’ll need a nice mix of these types of content to grow your page effectively.

Forgetting to Connect with Other Pages

CNN reports that Facebook has nearly 2 billion current users. Considering this massive amount of people, an essential part of growing your page means connecting with other Facebook users. Whether it’s leaving comments or likes, joining with others will help improve your page. Look for others who are considered to be authorities in the niches you’re currently pursuing.

Never Responding to Comments

Whether positive or negative, people on the internet like to voice their opinions. As your Facebook page begins to grow, expect comments to start coming in. Receiving an increased amount of comments is excellent, it often means your page is growing. However, you can stunt that growth by not responding to your audience. Never responding to comments makes it look like no one is running the page. You never know, responding to even the most negative of comments correctly could help your company re-acquire previously lost customers.

Neglecting to Monitor Analytics

Your Facebook page also isn’t growing because you aren’t keeping up with analytics. Facebook contains a wide range of analytical information. Posting content without focusing on what your audience wants is similar to posting random information each day. It’s nearly impossible to grow your page effectively without keeping up with the needs of your audience. Putting this to good use will allow you to learn more about your audience than ever before. Finding out which content is receiving the most engagement can do wonders for shaping future content strategies. Learning more about your audience can also work wonders for your Facebook ad campaigns.

Not Utilizing the Power of Facebook’s Ad System

Like many other businesses, Facebook receives its fair share of revenue through advertising. With that in mind, using Facebook’s advertising system is a great way to grow your page. You’ll want to make sure you are utilizing the right type of PPC or pay per click ads. Luckily, Facebook has a system that walks you through each step of the ad creation process.

In closing, there are several common reasons that your Facebook page isn’t growing. You’ll want to ensure that you’re posting engaging content. Another significant part of developing your Facebook is reaching out to others. Also, make sure you’re responding to comments as this helps to make your page feel more like a community. After content has been posted, you can quickly get rid of what isn’t working by monitoring Facebook’s analytics system. If you’ve got the funds, Facebook advertising can also help grow your page.


5 Reasons Your Facebook Page Isn’t Growing

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Learning

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