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Social Media Marketing Platform Acquisition

Written By: Brandon Gilbert

Starry Eyes Media, LLC is pleased to announce its acquisition of the social media marketing platforms 4Fayette and 4Nicholas. Best known for featuring shared content from their regions, 4Fayette and 4Nicholas showcasing Appalachian beauty and culture through photography and storytelling. Before officially launching Starry Eyes, managing partner Brandon Gilbert had designed the logos for both 4Fayette and 4Nicholas.

Both pages average reach and engagement rates offer an abundant opportunity for advertising Fayette and Nicholas County business throughout West Virginia and beyond, as viral reach has topped one million views in recent months. The hottest times for engagement for both of the Facebook pages are generally the turning of seasons, primarily fall and winter, when the Fayette and Nicholas County landscapes turn into a surreal wonderland.

Bartering for Social Media Marketing Platforms

The Starry Eyes team recently completed the design and layout of Bon Appalachia magazine, including its branding and logo. In exchange for the advertising graphic design for various magazine ads, Starry Eyes took over the 4Fayette and 4Nicholas platforms. Starry Eyes’ partners are confident that this move will bolster their agency’s regional presence and social media reach.
As expected, Starry Eyes’ has plans to combine all efforts of its three brands into an exciting new project to not only boost revenue but also expand the company’s capabilities of promoting their clients across the state.

Background on Starry Eyes Media

Currently, the Starry Eyes partners, Brandon Gilbert and Cecelia Thompson are enjoying their third month of being in business. Both Brandon and Cecelia come from design and web backgrounds. At the moment, Starry Eyes Media specializes in graphic design and print formatting. Already, the agency has built an impressive list of regional clients.

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Social Media Marketing Platform Acquisition

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Announcement, Community

Brandon is the Creative Director at Starry Eyes. A touring musician until a few years ago, he once shared stages with the likes of Saving Abel, Puddle of Mudd, Orgy, Molly Hatchet, and Hoobastank. Under the pseudonym "Ryland Parrish," Brandon is a featured artist at Spector Bass. When Brandon isn't designing or laying thick bass lines, he's expanding his knowledge of cosmology, geology, and paleontology and daydreaming about nature.